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For UNIX, Linux and Windows

sentinel3G is a system and network monitor that provides enterprise-wide monitoring of servers, databases, applications, remote services and IT infrastructure in UNIX, Linux and Windows networks. 

It is a powerful technology that supports data collection, event detection, response management and reporting via its unique Knowledge Base architecture.  Knowledge Bases standardize the rules, responses and data needed to monitor standard system and network elements and encapsulate best practice.   Pre configured Knowledge Bases are provided for servers, databases, applications and network infrastructure in UNIX, Linux and Windows environments.  Customized Knowledge Bases can quickly and easily be developed to meet specific application needs.

sentinel3G overcomes the cost and complexity issues associated with system and network monitoring tools from enterprise software vendors. It also enables customers to enhance ad hoc monitoring solutions by integrating in-house tools within a flexible technology framework that is secure, auditable and fully supported.


sentinel3G system and network monitoring features include:


The benefits of deploying the sentinel3G system and network monitor include:

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