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For UNIX, Linux and Windows

duty3G is an automated operations software tool for UNIX, Linux and Windows networks. Whereas a batch job scheduler automates background jobs and tasks, duty3G concentrates on the foreground, people-based tasks.

duty3G enables routine and repetitive IT operations tasks to be encapsulated as pre-defined 'duties' that can be securely delegated to non-technical staff. This avoids the need to grant less skilled staff privileged access or for them to remember complicated command syntax as the required privilege is assigned to the duty, not the user.

Duties are presented to authorized users via operator consoles and a user may only access those duties assigned to their role. The success or failure of all duties is logged for audit purposes and password authentication can be enforced for more sensitive duties that require higher levels of control and compliance. Duties can be setup to run automatically, to a defined schedule or on an ad hoc manual basis.

duty3G empowers IT personnel to take control of workload management and allows team leaders to better manage groups of skilled and junior administrators and operators centrally, through the automation of routine system administration and operations tasks and the delegation of complex and sensitive tasks. It alsostrengthens information management security by reducing dependence on key individuals, eliminating avoidable errors and ensuring that IT operations procedures are carried out consistently and reliably.


The duty3G automated operations software provides the following key features:


The duty3G automated operations software enforces best practice by:

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