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Batch Job Scheduler

For UNIX, Linux and Windows

task3G is a smart simple batch job scheduler for UNIX, Linux and Windows networks.  It automates batch job processing and manages production control on UNIX and Linux servers and Windows clients.

task3G builds upon the standard UNIX batch job scheduler facilities to deliver network wide job control with inter-task dependencies. It provides a flexible mechanism for controlling and managing batch job flow. A task can wait, or conditionally execute based upon the outcome of another task, the availability of resources or any Boolean combination of the above.

Complex networks of tasks may be setup and run unattended. Tasks can run locally or remotely and as any UNIX user. Post-conditions can conditionally execute based on the success or otherwise of a task. They can be configured to notify users or handle errors, including recovery actions.

With a simple to use interface, IT operations staff can easily track and view the status of their schedules of jobs and task by the display colour.

Comprehensive logging and reporting secure designation of users and group and flexible error detection and recovery further enhance the administrator's level of control.

task3G incorporates multi-level access capabilities to ensure centralised management control with delegated operations responsibility.


The task3G batch job scheduler provides the following key features:


The benefits of deploying the task3G batch job scheduler include:

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