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Backup and Recovery Software... as a service

Smart. Simple. Affordable.

Functional Software is pleased to offer clients an alternative to the traditional licensing of backup and recovery software tools.  It is our unique backup and recovery software-as-a-service whereby we supply, setup and install the backup and recovery software on your network and you pay to use the software via monthly subscription.

Our backup and recovery software subscription automates backup and recovery management in cross platform UNIX, Linux and Windows environments and supports Oracle and MS SQL databases, robotic tape libraries and backup to disk using Virtual Tape Library (VTL) technology.  It incorporates policy based operations automation in addition to standard backup and recovery software functionality and is optimized for environments where significant numbers of Linux and Windows servers are deployed as strategic delivery platforms in addition to UNIX platforms.

The service includes:

Pricing is all-inclusive. There are no hidden costs. You get access to market leading backup and recovery software and expertise without any up front payments and you maintain full control over your IT infrastructure at all times. 

Standard service plans for server and database backup that utilize the backup3G software are available from $75 (ex GST) per month.

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