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Access to the sentinel3G web console is limited to authorized users via role based access controls. Roles are fully configurable and setup by customers to meet their individual requirements. For example, roles could be based on job function, application, geography or any other arbitrary grouping the customer requires.

Staff are assigned one or more roles and through those role assignments acquire the permissions to view report content and service delivery infrastructure.

The following demonstration environment has been setup with default roles to illustrate the web console's capabilities.

Demonstration Environment

The demonstration environment can be accessed at: http://portal.fs.com.au

This environment comprises a mix of UNIX, Linux and Windows servers located at our Sydney office plus links to a number of commercial websites. The demonstration environment is 'real' insofar as the monitoring environment is live and represents a range of IT infrastructure used by Functional Software. However, note that in some cases data is not being collected (so there will be no data to display) and some thresholds have deliberately been set low to illustrate alerting and alarming functionality. So yes, we know some of our file systems are full :)


Before accessing the demonstration, we recommend that you download the instruction sheet which will provide background information

To login to the system infrastructure monitoring demo click the "Quick Login to sentinel3G Demo" button. This will automatically insert the User and Password details for the IT infrastructure and web monitoring demonstration environment and sign you in.

During initial login there will be a slight delay as monitoring information is retrieved from the demonstration environment. This delay is caused by the need to retrieve large amounts of data up-front to build menus and other structures. After this initial load, only changes are transferred across the network.

For more information, and a walkthrough of portal3G, please download the instruction sheet.

For in-depth information on portal3G, please see our Documentation website.