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Systems Management Software Tools

For UNIX, Linux and Windows

Whilst our primary focus is on providing systems management software tools via  subscription based services we recognize that different clients have different needs and our software can also be licensed in the traditional manner for UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.

Our standard range of systems management software tools comprises:

Web site and web application monitor that supports real-time monitoring, browser-based reporting consoles, alerting, notification and synthetic transactions.
System and network monitor that provides enterprise-wide monitoring of servers, databases, applications, remote services and IT infrastructure in UNIX, Linux and Windows networks
Powerful enterprise-wide backup and recovery tool for UNIX, Linux and Windows networks.  Supports ‘hot’ database backup, robotic devices, tape silos, virtual tape libraries and incorporates policy-based procedures implementation.
Smart, simple batch job scheduling for UNIX, Linux and Windows networks.  Supports enterprise-wide job control with inter task dependencies.
Automated IT operations and procedures implementation for UNIX, Linux and Windows networks.  Enables routine and repetitive IT operations management tasks to be securely delegated to non-technical staff.

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