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backup3G release

Following successful acceptance testing at beta sites, Functional Software is pleased to announce that backup3G has now moved to GA status.

The GA release includes enhancements to Setup and configuration, User interface, Media management, Database support, Virtual tape support, Stacker support, Audit and security

Backup3G is available free of charge to clients under existing COSbackup maintenance agreements.

Is Your Email Working?

The chances are you don't know. And that's where Functional Software's remote email performance monitoring service can help.

In response to customer demand for an Australian based email monitoring service, we have established an externally hosted email monitoring service that will provide 24*7 remote monitoring of availability and performance of email services.«more»

Web Monitoring Broadband TV

Functional Software and Australian service provider DiversIT are partnering to deliver a web application, database and server monitoring service to online businesses. The service bundles software, installation, training, maintenance and support into an all-inclusive monthly fee.

The first client for the new service is ReelTime . Australia's leading ISP independent broadband TV operator of legal movie downloads. For ReelTime, avoiding downtime and guaranteeing good service is mission critical. «more»

ITIL Support Using duty3G

The introduction of mandated compliance regulations over the last 5 years (such as Sarbanes Oxley) has dramatically accelerated the uptake of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to the point where it has now emerged as the de facto industry standard for best practices for the management of Information Technology.

Reflecting the increased demand for software tools to support ITIL adoption, Functional Software is pleased to announce the release of duty3G as the successor to COSduty.

Virtual Tape Library (VLT) Module

Gartner Group has predicted that by 2008, the majority of data restores will occur from disk. In response to this emerging trend, Functional Software is pleased to announce the release of the Virtual Tape Library (VTL) module for COSbackup.

The VTL enables COSbackup to 'see' a disk as a logical tape library. Backups are performed in the usual manner but instead of writing to tape, the data is written to disk. Once the data has been stored on the disk it can then be written to tape as required. The process of writing to tape simply involves duplicating the data on the 'virtual' tape.«more»

SAN Backup - Case Study

In recent months, Functional Software has assisted a number of customers to consolidate their enterprise data backups and take advantage of Storage Area Networks. This case study is presented as a 'typical' example of a SAN implementation and may provide guidance to customers considering the use of SAN and/or other LAN free backup solution.«more»

Storage Management Update

Functional Software has received a number of Requests for Information (RFI) relating to the use of COSbackup in storage management environments that require support for SAN, multi-drive tape libraries and Windows applications. In most cases, a combination of software and configuration services has resulted in COSbackup satisfying the RFI requirement.«more»